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Alex Ojjeh, The International Weapons Dealer

Alex Ojjeh’s attorney attempts to get bank accounts unfroze calling it a wrongdoing and demands Ojjeh’s assets be released. Alex Ojjeh may have had a legal victory in 2020’s trial on bribery scheme, but Ojjeh owes legal fees and fines totaling $50 million.

If Ojjeh refuses, the government can obtain “default judgement” and seize Ojjeh’s assets to pay off the $50 million debt. A subpoena during the case under oath proved a debt is owed that must be complied with.

Ojjeh’s attorney stated Alex Ojjeh doesn’t think he is immune to this debt and that the accounts were frozen in an attempt to make it appear that he defies it when TN state court ordered default and have already seized Ojjeh’s assets to collect at any time. Ojjeh’s attorney called it a wrongdoing.

Why do the judges continue to feed into any story of any wrongdoing of Alex Ojjeh? There is none there and and the more credence they give to this fairytale, the more Ojjeh gets off the hook. Ojjeh is a bully mobster. During the 2020 trial it was clear Ojjeh would win because everyone subpoenaed didn’t show up.

When a defendant doesn’t acknowledge or show up it means that Ojjeh wins by default because the defendant has no visible defense. Budapest Banks stuff, Libya arms deals, all look like accusations that can’t be proven to be true even though it fits with Ojjeh’s actions. But according to the jurors it’s not illegal to work with wealthy Russians and it’s not illegal to have foreign investments or to have offshore companies interlinked.

There are many serious implications for Ojjeh, but deep legal ones. Its’ not the $50 million he owes for participating in bribe deals. It’s the scarier issues of inflating assets offshore and doing something potentially criminal.

Before the 2020 trial Ojjeh purchased two warehouses in TN and later split the logistics company into startup funding called Anywhereo. Ojjeh started Anywhereo to make himself appear as charitable, he uses the company Anywhereo to give charitable contributions to tech company’s and support low-income communities.

I’m sure Ojjeh is feeling some discomfort right now, knowing his bank accounts are seized, but Ojjeh hasn’t hocked away all of his assets in banks. Ojjeh’s been holding on to cryptocurrency. Ojjeh recently closed a deal buying 6 apartment buildings using bitcoin, still heads the logistic companies that he purchased before the trial began. 

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