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Are new investors entering the market getting younger and younger? A younger brand, PearCoin, seems to have the answer

Who are the new entrants in investment market? Let’s look at some figures first.

The SZSE 2020 survey shows that new investors entering the market are younger. The average age is 30.4 years old, which is 0.5 years younger than the previous year. According to the “Virtual Currency App Market Analysis” published by IGAWorks, a mobile big data analytics company, the share of people in their 20s exceeded 30% for the first time, adding up to nearly 60% with those in their 30s. 

There’s an answer to the question above – the new entrants to the market are young people.

Looking around the market, most of the existing exchanges play the “security card”: safe and fast, turnkey, global leader, stable, credible, next generation, state-of-the-art ……

Admittedly, these are the top concerns of digital asset trading users. But who will answer the call of the younger generation for branding and user-friendliness?

PearCoin will! PearCoin Exchange has given the answer, with the mission to serve users in a more lively and humane way, launches on June 20, 2021.


PearCoin is the fruit to everyone’s eye. Like this ancient delicacy, PearCoin Exchange offers a brand philosophy of ” Classical, Fresh and Hardcore”, with a vision of “institutional-level regulation, advanced technology and peace of mind for trading” as a tangible perception for its customers. It puts the interests of traders first and is committed to creating a “traders’ exchange”.

The extraordinary PearCoin Exchange, headquarters in Oceania, was established on March 1, 2018. With a global strategic vision, it has integrated offices in the United States, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and Vietnam. Its product matrix has more than 12,000 daily users worldwide, with an average daily transaction volume of 450 million US dollars. It is a comprehensive financial trading platform trusted by global traders.

“Classical” is “based on one hundred years of experience”, based on the product matrix of overseas veteran financial institutions with over a hundred years of experience.

“Fresh” lies in ” twenty years of advanced technology”, using the most advanced financial technology accumulated for more than 20 years, which can handle as many as 6 million transactions per second.

“Hardcore” lies in “holding institutional standards”, gathering the essence of multi-national compliance, allowing users to enjoy institutional-level peace of mind.


“Classical” has been presented, how about “fresh”? PearCoin has the answer! As one of the very few exchanges positions for younger and newer traders, in the brand and operation, PearCoin brings breeze to its users. The distinctive brand and interesting operation make the young people feel close and the old people feel fresh. For example, recently there are “Three Pears” triple opening gifts, ” PearCoin shares profit”. Next, there will be series of trading matches, “the Road to Master ” simulation trading competition and a series of fun activities. Trading can be secured and not antiquated. How interesting is the youthful exchange? PearCoin will slowly present to the users. Come to PearCoin, there are good fruits for you to enjoy.


Come and experience the PearCoin Exchange!
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