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ATRONOCOM DApp to become the Face of a Decentralised Tomorrow

Blockchain technology has, over the past decade, emerged as a market landscape fertile with infinite opportunities. The numerous ICOs, startups, crypto ventures building up on it every next day are a manifestation of the huge revolution brewing in the backdrop. Underpinning it all are the various events and programs that rise to address and support the ideas and transformations in making. UCIM, the United Conference of Internet Money is a far-reaching series of events that strives to bring out the essence of decentralization through its elaborate congregation of elements pertaining to the crypto-Blockchain industry. The most recent event pushed down its pipeline was PitcherPerfect held on 24th April at Berlin, which saw a number of new and upcoming companies present their incentives before a crowd of Blockchain eminent and media. The startup, Atronocom was one that stood among the most prominent presentations at the event.

Atronocom, a Dubai-based Blockchain, and Software Development Company, is new in the running, but with some ingenious products and solutions that have promptly etched it up as a secure platform in the fastest developing market in the world. The company is about to launch the first-ever completely Decentralised Application compatible with Android as well as IOS operating systems for people around the world to access and use just like any other mobile app.

Atronocom employs the advanced Proof-of-Stake/ Delegated Proof of Stake (PoS/DPoS) consensus in its staking process, which allows users to complete and secure control over their funds and transparent use of the products. The platform makes use of Light Nodes/ SPV that download block headers and verifies the authenticity of transactions. Nodes that have full API functionality will be communicated by connecting individual wallets where investors would place their coins and elect delegates as per their vote-weighing. The delegates can then create new blocks in the network and earn incentives in return.

The Atronocom DApp features a debit card for its registered users, which connects them directly to Atronocom system and can be used at about 40 million contact points worldwide. It grants further options including online Partner Account registration, DApp account management, and many more. They strive to help its users benefit from OTC trading, crypto mining and the soon-to-launch day trading and marginal trading.

Atronocom’s high-security communication messenger ensures the secure exchange of messages and files between parties and boasts features like connected wallet functions calls and video chat, group chat, P2P encryption VOIP, broadcast function, audio messages, emojis, gifs and more.

The company’s investor SAFT (Simple Agreement of Future Token) crowdsale directed towards raising funds for the development and launch of the DApp is currently live. Click here to learn more.

With simple yet advanced technologies and products in the loop, Atronocom aims to make crypto dealings easier for its investors and participants. Through its promise of practical user experience and transparency in operation, the company is taking a huge leap towards realizing the ultimate goal of decentralization. UCIM congratulates the company for its prudence and forward vision. The team wishes Atronocom the best on its journey to the mark it eyes and the milestones that it is on its way to set.

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