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The term “Decentralized Autonomous Organization” has flourished rapidly over the past year and has become a common phrase not only within crypto circles, but also throughout the world’s nearly $10 trillion banking sector. DAOs aim to shift the balance of power from the few to the many by enabling fractional ownership of financial institutions and enable globally-distributed decision-making with respect to business operations. This new concept allows financial systems to be operated in a way that benefits the investors and customers to a much greater degree, moving away from the traditional business structure that historically has focused on top executives and boards of directors.

The biggest DAO ever conceived is ready for launch and will soon become one of the most influential financial institutions, backed by blockchain technology. Big Shiba Inu (“BIG”) will launch April 2022 on the Ethereum blockchain and will be the very first community-owned DAO, truly focused on growth and  marketing.  With  no  owners,  no  team  tokens  and  fairly  launched on both FEGex and Uniswap, BIG is about to make massive waves in the crypto space by providing second-to-none products and services that disrupt traditional financial systems.

The BIG crypto project will enable truly decentralized decision-making through a revolutionary proposal and voting mechanism that gives every member of the community a voice.  The structure is specifically designed by major blockchain developers, including the legendary FEGrox from the FEG Token project, to ensure no single person or entity can make decisions without the consent of the holders. The infrastructure built into the BIG token will not only enable highly optimized business processes but will become a benchmark for future DAOs and a prime example the future of business across all industries.

As a DAO focused on crypto development, BIG will enable anyone to propose development work that can be subsequently voted on by the community. If the proposal is approved by BIG’s community through the contract-driven voting mechanism, the developer is awarded the funds needed to complete their goals. Using the same decentralized voting systems, the BIG expansion of the project. Every action and transaction is protected by a series of checks and balances that ensure complete transparency and autonomy. The revolutionary platform that BIG is developing will allow anyone to design, build and fund any innovative idea, from anywhere in the world, using highly secure Web3 technology.

The BIG DAO is powered by the BIG governance token. With a maximum supply of 1 quadrillion tokens, BIG investors enjoy 2% reflections and a 1% automatic supply burn with all transactions. Based on the innovative Smart Rising Price Floor technology from FEGex, the BIG token’s liquidity will continuously build over time, generating price stability and rising value for investors. Of the entire supply, 17% has been reserved for development proposals and 15% will be used