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Changing the Advertising Industry Through Innovative Reward Advertising

Online ads have become a daily part of internet life, as such, the right ads and right message can help marketers reach the right audience. The digital revolution ravaging all sectors around the globe has further created an unprecedented need for an innovative approach in the advert industry, retail businesses, companies, and corporate organizations. 

With increased organization spending on advert placement, innovation, and improvement in the market space, a visible transition has occurred within a short period of time and has led to the creation of some of our most cherished adverts albeit some annoying and frustrating adverts as well.

LoyalCrowd has come up with innovative means to bridge the existing gap between ads viewers, ads space providers, and ads companies. Through LoyalCrowd’s Advertising System, promotional contentare delivered to users who are willing to view ads and at the same time earn rewards; an equitable system where everyone wins. 

The LoyalCrowd system provides all participating partners an added value compared to current advertising systems Plus, advertisers get more effective ads with better targeting and immediate feedback from their viewers. More so, ads space providers also get increased income from ads displayed in their space. In the same vein, users at the same time get compensated with rewards for spending time on commercial adverts.

Social media influencers are creating a new class of celebrity by getting creative with brand partnerships, patronage, advertisement, and more. They may come from the entertainment industries like traditional celebrities or public figures in other industries. 

LoyalCrowd has incorporated a creative modern approach in its system to translate massive followers base of celebrities into a great source of revenue each year. This system apparently leads to increased and sustainable fan base management, accurate obtaining of user/fan data and feedback as well as higher ad-revenue at no extra cost. 

To provide a stable exchange basis, LoyalCrowd created the token- MOVE. This cryptocurrrency will be traded publicly and users can always change their tokens from partners into MOVE and vice versa. 

Users can further exchange tokens into fiat currency and get paid into various individual bank accounts. The icing on the cake is that users can buy MOVE in order to transfer it into their favorite virtual token, thus getting their desired rewards faster. LoyalCrowd will also implement crypto payments in its systems and partners are permitted to implement a MOVE payment method in their shop system as well. 

Additionally, users will be able to buy goods with MOVE and other cryptocurrencies available in these shops effortlessly. Advertisers are rewarded through a cashback system and paid out in MOVE. MOVE is planned with a limited fixed supply. This way, LoyalCrowd provides incentives to those who buy MOVE tokens early on. With an increasing user base, MOVE tokens are set to steadily increase in value over time.

As Users accumulate different virtual tokens, they will be able to exchange them for other tokens of LoyalCrowd’s partners via MOVE. The exchange rate will be set in a way that a comparable value is provided.

The MOVE token has great potentials to change the advertisement industry and cause a paradigm shift to a more equitable and rewarding system. LoyalCrowd’s well-researched system will therefore create and manage the connection between companies, products, and consumers, translating their clients’ messages into effective campaigns. This approach is sustainable and can stimulate buying, increase sales, and help to jumpstart the economy. Invest in MOVE token today.

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