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CLEVER PROTOCOL - The Next Big Thing in the DeFi Industry

CLEVER PROTOCOL – The Next Big Thing in the DeFi Industry

The world of cryptocurrency is evolving almost daily. Many tech-aficionados are coming up with new ideas and trying to implement them for a better solution. Now, some of them are becoming successful in their attempt, while the others are failing gravely.

However, recently, an Australian entrepreneur has succeeded in establishing something that storms the market. Yes, you have guessed it right. We are, indeed, talking about Bryan Legend and his project the Clever Protocol.

Here, in this article, we are going to discuss the project in detail. So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

Clever DeFi – An Epigrammatic Foreword to the New Protocol of Decentralized Financing

Clever DeFi, the brainchild of Bryan Legend, is a Fintech organization, which focuses more on providing decentralized finance. However, it usually operates within the cosmos of cryptocurrency. So, you cannot use any other traditional currency here.

In essence, it offers an alternative yet efficient way to preserve your storage without going through any risk at all. Unlike conventional banking institutions, this platform offers a superior ROI, to say the least. And, you can acquire the same from almost any savings account.

How Is It Different Than Others?

There are several aspects, which make Clever DeFi different than any other decentralized financing platform. These are –

· The platform does not ask for any penalties at all. You can create your own account here and customize it in the safest way possible.

· You will not have to go through a lock-in period for checking out your own currency balance. You can take a look at it almost anytime, anywhere, and through any medium.

· The ROI of Clever DeFi would be much higher than any other bank or cryptocurrency platform available out there. It is quite flexible, as well.

· The minting procedure in the platform can be done by only the users of the same. It will begin from zero. Thus, the issue of unethical business will not be prevalent here at all. The owner and his team will not extract anything out of it. Moreover, they will pay 0.1% of the provided interest every 14 days.

· Each of the interest cycles of the Clever DeFi platform will complete within 14 days. This, in turn, will ensure proper payment to each of the users evenly. Moreover, it will last for 18 cycles, which means that you will get the interests continuously for 34 years.

Will Investing in Clever DeFi Be Risky?

No, the risk of encountering anything unethical or criminal will not be prevalent in Clever DeFi at all. The automated cycling procedure of the platform has been imbued in various embedding protocols. Thus, the verification and detection of anything fishy will be pretty quick and prompt in this aspect.


As of now, the Clever DeFi platform looks to be quite promising, to say the least. However, if you still wish to be sure about everything, do not forget to research it. But, make sure to hurry up! The module will launch its first minting procedure in 2021.

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