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CoinsCord – The Builds The Concept To Encourage All Kinds Of Crypto Traders

Before CoinsCord creation, the cryptocurrency trading community was exclusively for wealthy corporate bodies, individuals, banks, and other financial powers with enough capital to compete favorably with other heavyweights,

Discouraged by the huge capital requirement, average income earners and others who are passionate about digital assets but without the financial muscle to compete with the heavyweight investors were denied the opportunity to leverage the power of the Internet and cryptocurrency to create a passive source of income. CoinsCord stepped in to address this issue.

CoinsCord saw the need for a platform where all potential cryptocurrency traders, irrespective of their financial status, can have a fair opportunity to invest in digital assets, especially digital coins such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and hundreds of other altcoins.

It provides a platform where every Tom, Dick, and Harry with a passion for cryptocurrency investment put their love for digital coins to work. They can earn passively from their digital currency investment.

About CoinsCord

Aside from serving as an exchange, CoinsCord also provides trading signals to assist traders in having the knowledge and tools they need to trade cryptocurrencies as pros. The signs they provide include valuable information, such as the best digital currency to invest in and when to buy them. They also give insight into the best time to sell your cryptocurrency and good buying and selling prices. With the information, traders can avoid some of the pitfalls that cost newbie traders their money, time, and investment.

CoinsCord is one of the few cryptocurrency exchanges that understand the importance of users’ privacy and security. The renowned cryptocurrency investment platform uses the latest and proven security technologies to fortify its security. Hence, it secures user’s data against external breaches by unscrupulous hackers and individuals who are out to steal people’s data for their personal and selfish use.

CoinsCord Solution

Recently, CoinsCord solved a common problem among investors who trade digital currencies as a side hustle. Since their full-time jobs leave them with little time for their side hustle, such investors’ trading activities were slow. That prevented them from making much profit from selling digital assets.

CoinsCord has solved this problem by offering auto-trading software. The software can work independently of users and make sound investment and trading decisions on their behalf. Hence, even if they have little time to monitor their trading activities, they can rest assured that the auto-trading software will take care of that effortlessly.  

To help its clients maximize the opportunities the auto-trading bot offers, CoinsCord partnered with another credible and leading cryptocurrency exchange: KuCoin.

Partnership with KuCoin

Since its establishment in 2017, KuCoin has been at the forefront of the fight for credible trading platforms for existing and potential cryptocurrency traders. The exchange supports some of the most popular and tradable cryptocurrencies in the world.

CoinsCord’s partnership with the exchange opens an excellent door for its clients to explore other trading opportunities on KuCoin, especially the digital coins it currently doesn’t support. Trading on multiple exchanges will also widen their horizon and increase their trading knowledge over time.

Media contact

Company: CoinsCord LTD.

Contact Name: Saru Matt

Address: London, UK, 207 Regent St, London W1B 3HH

E-mail: [email protected]

Website: Click Here

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