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Press Release Becomes Another Star in NFT Ecology

Victoria, Australia – Recently, announced its new breakthrough in the field of NFT Ecology. 2021 is the first year of the NFT outbreak. NFT will replace DeFi as the new fertile ground for financial technology innovation. will strive to solve the following problems in the blockchain financial industry:

1. System complexity: public chain ecosystems such as Ethernet and Polkadot are too complex to make it easier for the public.

2. Non-interoperability of assets: Now, the assets of each public chain are traded in parallel, and the assets and tokens on the chain can not be traded better.

3. Insufficient NFT user traffic: The fierce competition among public chains makes it impossible for users to communicate and trade together.

According to observation and research, is the first to be developed based on Binance Smart Chain. Through the construction of multi-chain ecological cross-chain channel, it realizes the cross-chain privacy bridge aggregation transaction and NFT creation transaction of a variety of digital assets, and enables the function of DOSP token incentive mechanism to provide more NFT resources and value space to the community.’s business model is built on the following two core services:

1) Based on the Binance Smart Chain, connecting Ethereum and the Polkadot ecosystem, providing multi-chain and cross-chain aggregated transaction functions, thus, it enables each public chain asset to quickly aggregate transactions.

2) Enable DOSP incentive mechanism to encourage artist creation and NFT transaction flow. It provides a huge value space and flow trading platform for NFT creation and transactions, and opens the NFT cross-chain transaction mode, multi-chain transaction NFT.

Underlying technology: utilizes the underlying code technology of Binance Smart Chain to provide faster, more favorable and simpler operation experience for users.

NFT creation transaction: will provide services in areas such as NFT creation / NFT circulation / NFT sales / NFT lending as collateral / NFT mining.

Cross-chain trading system: supports the deployment of multi-chain architecture, and the protocol is completely open source. The first phase of the system will be built on the currency security smart chain, and will access mainstream wallets and DApp browsers such as MetaMask in a short time, thus providing users with secure and convenient decentralized trading services.

DOSP tokens: DOSP tokens are the governance tokens of the platform on the Binance Smart Chain, with a total supply of 1 billion and a circular sales supply of 300 million. With DOSP tokens, the functions such as governance authority / voting mortgage authority / mining seed income / handling fee discount and interest deduction / NFT creation profit sharing / platform handling fee sharing can be guaranteed.

Taking advantage of the advantages offered by the system, users are able to seek more opportunities and benefit a lot from the following operations: trading / arbitrage / collateral exchange / cross-chain trading of Token derivatives / NFT creative investment and trading / NFT mortgage refinancing, etc.

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