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Exclusive Interview with Ubecoin CEO David Wilmot.

Today, we are going to interview the CEO of ubecoin Mr. David Wilmot who has over 20 years of business experience in negotiations, sales, security management, strategy, marketing, and start-ups. Let’s dive in how Ubecoin gonna change the exchange between business merchants and consumers  

Q1. Firstly, Congratulations to you for reaching the soft cap, how much time did it take for you to reach this milestone?
Ans. Thank you very much. The soft cap was achieved within 24 hours of the IEO release.

Q2. Could you please explain about Ubecoin and Free Trade Barter, and how they are going to solve the problem in Bartering industry?
Ans. Ubecoin is designed as the medium of exchange for the Free Trade Barter platform giving the merchants who accept Ubecoin a tradable asset both within the platform and exchanges who list the coin.
There are several major problems that exist within the traditional barter business model that we can address and rectify promptly. These include localized trading with no interoperability between various barter exchanges, expensive cash transaction fees, no fiat conversion mechanism to complete the sales cycle, lock in contracts and penalties for non-trading, B2B only with no consumer participation and controlled accounts by intermediary just to highlight a few crucial flaws within the industry.

Q3. What is the response that you are getting from the crypto community for Ubecoin?
Ans. Community support has been amazing with the telegram and social media in general and we now have over 50,000 members actively watching and supporting our project and growing daily.

Q4. Why do you think that blockchain is the only way to achieve your goal?
Ans. The traditional barter business model is designed around a cash transaction fee levied upon the business who participate within the various barter exchanges. Our concept is to reward the businesses who participate and not penalize them by addressing these issues and giving the control back to the merchants. The Ubecoin blockchain was the perfect solution to address the problems within the barter industry and afford a business, in general, the opportunity to participate in a new sales revenue channel in a more profitable where the merchants are in total control.

Q5. As a CEO, what do you do to keep your team motivated?
Ans. I can honestly say that it is a real team effort and we support each other by being innovative. Each member is highly skilled and from various business backgrounds but a common thread is that we listen to each other’s opinion and are supportive of each other to achieve a common goal.

Q6. Are you planning to attend some meetups or conferences in order to build global relationships with Investors, Partners, Exchanges or other agencies? If yes, please name some and in what capacity you are participating in those conferences?
Ans. Ubecoin has attended various trade shows and conferences in the UK and Australia. We have a representative currently in the USA and I am presently in Europe. We have signed with two top 20 exchanges being Latoken & OEX covering both Europe & Asia for a listing in late June and have been approached by multiple exchanges which are still under consideration at present.

Q7. How many people are working on this project (team size) and who are the key members of the team? (please name some who are the key elements, we know all are equally important but would love to hear about some of the key players like leaders.)
Ans. Our team is small consisting of 6 highly skilled individuals with vastly different skill sets including lawyers, accountants, IT, security and sales backgrounds ranging in experience from directors of listed companies to small business owners. As the project grows we will scale the team to accommodate the growth knowing that we have a solid foundation to build upon and a clear vision of the business strategy.

Q8. What are the future plans for Free Trade Barter and Ubecoin?
Ans. The short term plan is onboarding merchants to the Free Trade Barter platform with a “free offer to join” program designed to de-risk merchant participation whilst we improve our MVP with functionality enhancements and improvements. The long term plan is to have the Ubecoin company’s listed on the main stock exchange. We are diligently preparing and working towards both at present.

Q9. What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve experienced while developing the product?
Ans. The challenges have been numerous but by far the two largest challenges have been working through the legal regulatory framework to achieve legal compliance for the company, and the establishment of bank accounts so we can function like any other normal business.

Q10. Anything you would like to say to our audience?
Ans. Ubecoin has just launched dual Initial Exchange Offers through Latoken & OEX covering both Europe and Asia so that the community can get behind the project and help Ubecoin achieve the goal of disrupting barter exchanges globally by offering businesses a smarter way to trade. Your support will make a real difference.

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