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g9tro Crowdfunding Platform (G9TRO): Crypto Price Prediction 2021

Bitcoin Price Holds 43K For Support Is A Rally To 52K Next For Bitcoin. It seems like bitcoin is holding the 43k dollar support. Is a rally to $52k possible or will we see some more downwards action first? Well, while BTC is becoming the first choice of the whales and many institutional investors, many other new crypto currencies are doing really well.

Another great cryptocurrency which is emerging is G9TRO, it has been listed in VinDAX another popular crypto exchange which allow their users to trade G9TRO against ETH

Currently G9TRO is trading at $ 0.5976 on VinDAX with a %1 growth in the last 24 HR. In the last 24 HR the volume of G9TRO is around 11,000$+ which is again more than %1 growth from the last 24 HR. It seems like daily or traditional traders are gaining momentum and confidence while trading this G9TRO/ETH pair which makes it a strong crypto asset in the near future.

Technical Analysis of G9TRO

On Feb 24, the G9TRO touched it resistance level of $ 0.674037, where is got a small decline as the traded who have entered the market started booking profits. Hence there was a small decline in the price, but as G9TRO holds a strong demand near $0.55 range, it seems like G9TRO is again gaining momentum and might break it resistance of $0.67 and soon to touch another high of $0.8-$1

Crypto Price Analysis: In Depth Analysis of G9TRO

According to the above analysis: G9TRO still has a good demand zone around the $0.55 mark. After a recent breakout from the bearish sentiment, G9TRO has potential to reach $1 mark very soon.

About Go9tro Crowdfunding Platform (G9TRO)

go9Tro was created to bring connected, cooperative technology solutions to communities through low risk, high benefit partnership models. go9Tro Wireless, is a IoT Solutions provider, that empowers people to share data validation solutions, and profit from data mining of mobile devices in 100 countries.

The total installed base of Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices is projected to amount to 21.5 billion units worldwide by 2025.

Whether you need end-to-end IoT or a simply business  customer solution for your business , go9Tro Wireless is  a global IoT data management  platform for your project.

G9Tro Wireless Network helps brick-and-mortar locations join the new world economy.

Mobile device data registrations capture social data, analyze visitor metrics, and automate loyalty marketing.

Tomorrow’s economy is Secure, Decentralized and Autonomous.

To know more about G9TRO Project

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