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How Ape Gorilla NFTs Collection is Innovating Networking and Business Support through the Power of Blockchain

12th of January, 2022Ape Gorilla confirmed the debut of its NFTs initiatives,  a collection of 11,337 3D Ape Gorilla on the Ethereum blockchain. All Ape Gorilla NFTs will be available on, the world’s largest digital marketplace for NFTs. This collection will leverage the technological innovations brought by the blockchain, in conjunction with the power of networking and a tight community spirit.

Launching Ape Gorilla NFTs

Only announce whitelist of 1337

On the 2nd of February, 2022, Ape Gorilla will launch a whitelisted sale of 1,337 NFTs, for 0.38 ETH to Ape Gorillas’ private network.

Moving forward the public sale of 8,000 NFT on a yet to be announced date will be conducted at a price of 0.58 ETH per token, allowing everyone who is interested in participating in their mission of integrating communities and empowering them in commercial success, happiness index, and educational enlightenment.

Ape Gorilla NFTs will have a total of 300+ characteristics and things with varying rarities, making them more unique than the 11,337 created NFTs, giving the bearer an advantage in terms of increasing the value of such NFT. For second-hand sales, royalties are 10%, of which 5% is returned to the Ape Gorilla Club, which uses the funds to support the project’s roadmap, provide additional prizes and advantages, and conduct events for Ape Gorilla Club members. This will also support the project’s plan, including the development of additional decentralized applications, an academy, educational and business software, Play to Earn 3D games, and other features and functions. Moreover, this allocation will provide the potential to generate new employment in the technology sector, as well as to meet the goals outlined in the Roadmap. The remaining 5 percent will be returned to their primary contributors, who will continue to promote the initiative within their networks, increasing the project’s overall worth and purpose and increasing its value.

Understanding the Vision behind Ape Gorilla NFTs

Ape Gorilla emerged from a group of individuals dedicated to uniting people behind a product that would positively impact the world around them. Hence, the Ape Gorilla NFT collection will provide each owner the same opportunities to develop, prosper, regardless of their financial status. In the future, Ape Gorilla Club will assist individuals in starting enterprises by letting them use drag and drop software, receive business counsel, and attend educational courses that teach quintessential business notions, web3, crypto, NFTs, and blockchain technology, among other things.

Business and Networking Opportunities Brought by Ape Gorilla NFTs

Overall, the primary advantage of collaborating with the Ape Gorilla NFT program is that it enables you to dramatically develop your brand equity, personal brand, charitable contributions, and community empowerment via Ape Gorilla family business angel investment opportunities. Ape Gorilla holders will be entitled to join the exclusive Ape Gorilla Club, which was formed to give everyone an equal chance to grow, succeed, and increase their personal happiness index via business-building courses, tools, and networking opportunities.

Furthermore, Ape Gorilla will collaborate with the people of the Kingdom of Bhutan, providing their holders with more networking opportunities within this unique ecosystem.

Investing a total of $3,000,000 into company concepts, the Ape Gorilla Club NFT will make a minimum investment of $5,000 and a maximum investment of $100,000 in each chosen enterprise that revolves itself around helping other people, or changing their communities’ lives for the better. Nevertheless, Ape Gorilla Club will invest without any expectation of return or success, but will assist any firms that obtain more than $50,000 in investment, which will improve their visibility and benefit the people that their company helps, as well as the people that the business serves.

Networking enables you to discover chances that you would not have discovered on your own. Your network can give you insight into various industries, information about what various professionals are looking for, and advice on how to grow professionally. Ape Gorilla NFTs leverage all of these dimensions, by utilising the latest innovations brought by blockchain technology.

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Welcome to the Ape Gorilla Club. Our mission is to empower our community in educational growth, business and networking opportunities, play to earn games, test our boundaries and create a community mindset around a Happiness Index, modelled by the Kingdom of Bhutan. Ape Gorilla was created by a motivated group of individuals who wanted to bring a community together with a product to make a positive change. Based on the 3D models of 11,337 unique Ape Gorilla non-fungible tokens (NFTs), members of the Ape Gorilla Club gain access to online and real-life business-building education, angel investment opportunities, charity collaborations, exclusive business development software and other benefits.

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