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How To Enhance The Security On Your Anonymous Online Wallet

An anonymous online wallet will certainly add to your convenience, security and peace of mind if you are into cryptocurrencies or you are thinking about this industry. But just like a physical wallet, the online one requires a bit of care and attention. Lack of common sense may lead to incidents and even financial loss.

While an anonymous online wallet is certainly safer than a physical one, there are still a few things to keep in mind when about to choose one. So, what should you think about for maximum protection?

Stick to a powerful antivirus

A powerful antivirus is a must for anything that involves going online or connecting to external devices. The same rule applies when you handle your money over an online wallet. While anonymous and highly secure wallets like MyMonero will provide lots of protection anyway, having your own antivirus will add to your peace of mind.

Make sure the antivirus runs as you surf, send or receive money for an extra layer of safety and security.

Get a cold storage wallet

Now, what is a cold storage wallet? Such a wallet allows you to diversify your applications and cryptocurrency activities. You can spread your growing wealth over a few different wallets. This method is common and very effective at confusing potential hackers trying to trace others’ activities.

If you think about it, it relates to an old saying that applies to everything – never keep all your eggs in the same basket.

Forget about public Wi-Fi networks

So, you have just found a free wireless network in your favorite restaurant or bar. Just because you know where it comes from, it does not mean that it is perfectly secure. In fact, security measures are often overlooked in such places – these networks are often public.

There is a way higher chance to get your account compromised, be it your email, online wallet or social media.

In the same category, you are less likely to be contacted by a representative of the online wallet to offer private information. If you are not sure, hang up and call the official number, but such things are less likely to happen.

Stick to two factor authentication

The two factor authentication takes time and is not too convenient. Not using it gives you a 70% higher chance to get your wallet compromised. You get a second layer of protection for your login, making it almost impossible for hackers to go through.

Bottom line, an anonymous online wallet is as secure as you make it. Use common sense and spend some extra time on security and you should be alright.

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