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Innovative DEUS development receives funding

Fund shows big interest to Deus platform with respect to their recent success in the promotion and adoption of STO tokenization globally. Having worked for over 2 years with the AI trading and market analysis Deus was preparing the ground for a massive launch of value transfer protocol based platform for the tokenization of the global market.

Over the past few years, we have witnessed significant capitals raised by blockchain-based companies via initial coin offerings (ICOs). Companies were able to offer the exchange of their own tokens for cryptocurrencies without having to sell any shares. Investors got the opportunity to use those tokens within the ecosystems or to gain returns and exchange the cryptocurrencies they owned.

But the trends have a tendency to change, especially if we are talking about the cryptocurrencies market. The problem of utility tokens is that they represent access to a company’s products or services without being an investment in the actual company or allowing shareholder rights. On the other hand, security tokens are tied to real securities, in a form of tokenized assets. These tokens can represent actual equity, functioning as “digital shares” of a company.

And that is where Deus approach of STO development is proving its efficiency. The company mostly focuses on the spreading and development of the global investment platform namely via tokenization of projects and shares of companies. STOs are intended to be fully compliant with regulatory frameworks, which allows investors from all over the world to participate without violating any securities laws. Fluctuations in the modern economy have a major effect on most countries, making investments in local funds and business unstable and sometimes dangerous. Deus proposes a solution of investments without borders whether its fiat or cryptocurrencies security is purchased, the operation is done and it is confirmed through a blockchain transaction.

That enables entrepreneurs to easily raise funds for their projects while security tokens offer a number of financial rights to investors such as equity, profit dividends, income shares, vote casting, and access to many other investment mechanisms. Such direction eventually brought …..Fund makes a significant investment into the Deus platform. Being one of the pioneers in global STO implementation, Deus now has got an opportunity to spread and double its capitalization in the next few years.

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