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Interview With Gstar CEO Tom Kim

Q1. What is GStar Coin and how is it going to change the gaming and entertainment market?

Ans. GOX is mobile based Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. 1.4 billion people buy a smartphone every year. They are shopping and playing the game on a smartphone every day and every week. This is a big market. We think we can use this huge market by only a simple game. They are using a smartphone every day. But the contents are not much, so they see the same news and photo and so on repeatedly. All users want new contents and a new job, a new business model. We can give them the game contents to play, an opportunity for a new job and create the value for them. That is mobile based Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. Our business model is a mining game. Mining game produces Cryptocurrency and gives them the pleasure to play the game. The game also creates value. Existing games spend time and money. But GOX Platform produces Cryptocurrency and create new mobile market. Users can play mining game anywhere and anytime. Because our mining game is 45 seconds and very simple to play easily. Our business model is intuitive. Don’t need explanations. Users will enjoy to play the game and produce Cryptocurrency.

We are living in an era to show and share personal life by using mobile. But The pay system is almost national, so foreigner is difficult to earn money. Market need global payment system as like Cryptocurrency. But now almost pay Cryptocurrency is not stable. So it has some problem with using in the market. But Our GOX coin is stable as the like dollar. So they can sue it well in the mobile market. For example, BJ broadcast in mobile broadcasting every day, but they receive money monthly and If Bj is foreigner, they have to wait over 2 months for money. This is a big problem in the global market. So we use Cryptocurrency in mobile broadcasting to pay in real time. And we will do singer audition by using mobile broadcasting globally for fast spread. The global audition will use GOX coin.       

Q2. What problems do you see in the gaming market today and how are you going to solve them?

Ans. Now existing games spend time and money. So many adults don’t like game. Existing games using tokens cannot a success. Games to spend time and money don’t need Cryptocurrency. Because the existing game market doesn’t need up and down tokens in value. But our GOX game produces Cryptocurrency and create new mobile opportunity to earn money. And our GOX coin is a stable coin. Now adults have to participate in the game market. This means the game also creates value. Adults also have to play the game for making money and having an opportunity in the future. Mobile blockchain and Cryptocurrency is our future. Especially our game is very easy enough to play without learning. So all ages can play games. It takes only 45 seconds. User can even play the game for a while in the toilet and subway. User can play in Africa and the south pole. This is the real sharing economy. After mine GOX, user can use it at all kinds of the business model as like mobile shopping mall, mobile contents, mobile broadcasting, and so on. So all ages will mine Cryptocurrency and learn new mobile world and shared economy. We use two Cryptocurrency. One is Token to trade on an exchange and the other is the stable coin in using on the mobile market. Two Cryptocurrency can be swapped on the mobile wallet.  

Q3. As per your white paper, you are going to launch a game which helps the gamer to earn the GOX coin, please share some details about it? bayındır escort

Ans. We will do Beta Service of the game from the end of May to June. After user buys GSTAR token on an exchange, they have to invest the token forget the stable GOX coin by mining game. And user can user GOX coin to mobile contents and mobile shopping. Surely user can take GOX coin to exchange by swapping with GSTAR token. When the mining game is activated, we will have a variety of services, including entertainment and shopping using GOX.

Q4. As per your whitepaper, you will be using hybrid (PoS and PoW) method to mine the coins, please share some details about this and how it is going to work?

Ans. We think that the combination of POW and POS is stable in various environment and gives users various opportunities. We define the user to participate in the 45-second game and get GOX coin as the compensation. After the Mining, the user participates in the POS and receives compensation for it. These two methods are a quick way to engage and expand users. This is a system that anyone in the world can participate in.

Q5. Is there any specific reason for creating web-based mobile games?

Ans. Web-based mobile games don’t need to download. This is because it minimizes the burden on mobile devices as like memory and it solves the problem of upgrading.

Q6. Tell us something about your community? How big and active is it?

Ans. Now our community is 10K and we are growing our group every day. Our community is Our aim is making more than 50K in several months. After we launch the mining game, Our community will grow faster day after day. Our community is growing by more than a hundred people every day. The numbers will increase faster than now.

Q7. What are your upcoming missions for this quarter & year?

  1. Launching of mining game in June and July
  2. More than 50,000 users in this year
  3. Play mining games in more than 10 countries
  4. Use GOX coin in mobile content in this year
  5. Trading on 5 exchanges in this year

Q8. What problems do you see in the online broadcasting industry and how you are going to solve them?

Ans. Now online broadcasting is domestic because of the payment system. User pay by credit card for buying contents, but many people don’t have a credit card. So the market has its limitations. Especially if foreigner broadcasts, it is difficult to earn money. Because they get money 2 months later after broadcast. Also, domestic BJ receives money one month later. So many BJs feel uneasy. But If the broadcasting station uses stable GOX coin, They can pay Cryptocurrency to Global BJs in real time. Real-time payment will give BJ and its users more confidence and increase the market globally.

Q9. What’s your personal opinion on blockchain and how do you imagine a future built with blockchain at its core?

We are undergoing many trial and error. Many people are thinking and worried about the Blockchain. We expect to see new concepts based on Blockchain within a few years. The purpose of Blockchain is not to eliminate the centralized structure. Blockchain’s objective is to provide a more efficient method and solve more problems in a rapidly changing global market. In the future, Blockchain will change the global market more quickly and accelerate further global exchanges in an increasingly complicated and automated world.

Q10. Anything that you would like to say to our audience?

Ans. Mobile is the solution for our future world. We will be increasingly dependent on mobile. So we have to find the answer to the mobile. Mobile is the best way to create a shared economy. Because everyone in the world has a mobile, we are always using it. As technologies such as robots, artificial intelligence, and automation develop, the sharing economy will become more meaningful. A sharing economy is not about dividing wealth equally, but by sharing information and contents more efficiently, solving more of the present problems and having more opportunities in the future. Blockchain is not just about sharing, but about designing the future world.

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