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Introducing MOSS: The World’s Largest Environmental Platform that Runs on Blockchain Technology

The past century’s technical advancements have completely changed how we work, play, and travel today. It has also led to the depletion of our ecosystem, courtesy of environmental pollution, industrial waste, and mass deforestation for all the benefits introduced. It isn’t just the health of our environment that has been compromised, but also our socio-economic aspects. There is an urgent need for solutions that can help humankind remedy these issues effectively. 

Coming to the rescue, MOSS has brought a new concept where it preserves the planet with blockchain technology. 

What is MOSS? 

MOSS is the world’s largest environmental platform founded to tackle global warming and foster sustainable development to provide better future generations’ environment. The project’s primary objective is to repair and compensate for the drastic measures taken on the environment. A secondary goal is to create a new regenerative system that is sustainable. Both of these developments will have a positive social, economic, and environmental impact. When consumers or companies acquire MOSS Carbon Credits (MCO2) tokens, they directly help save the environment. 

This is the primary reason why MOSS has become the largest carbon platform globally. Furthermore, the MCO2 token is the most extensive carbon credit tokenization project in history. Blockchain technology for tokenizing the carbon credits from certified environmental projects opens up the industry to global participants. 

MOSS Carbon Credits (MCO2) – The Future of Carbon Credit Tokenization 

With a market cap of US$40 million, the MCO2 token is already gaining recognition all over the world. The asset has gained traction significantly by democratizing carbon offsetting. As more and more people grasp the importance of saving the environment, the MCO2 token will play a significant role in encouraging them to help make a change.

One MCO2 token equals one carbon credit. The MCO2 token’s credibility is backed by highly reliable companies like CertiK, Perkins Coie, and others. Above all, this carbon credit token is already listed on Brazil’s FlowBTC platform. Other trading platforms will roll out support for MCO2 soon. 

Flexibility and Integration are Vital

Developers working in blockchain technology can build new projects, services, and applications for MCO2. This creates unprecedented flexibility as to how these carbon credits are used now or in the future. MOSS has successfully turned this analog industry into an inclusive and accessible market.

Every MOSS Carbon Credits Token (MCO2) is equivalent to one ton of captured carbon. MCO2 Is an intangible asset and will remain valid until consumed. So when you purchase these credits, you are doing a big favor to the environment.

To better understand the concept of purchasing and neutralizing carbon credits, let’s take a look at an example. Residents living in a big city emit 2 tons of carbon every year on average. Higher-income residents owning multiple cars and having higher expenses emit anywhere between 10 and 20 tons per year. For this example, suppose you buy $500 of carbon credits at $50 per ton. In that case, you are purchasing 10 tons of carbon credits, which is equivalent to 1 year of individual greenhouse gas emissions. 

The Impact of MCO2 on the Environment

Since its inception, MOSS has had a significant impact on the environment. Efforts undertaken during the first eight months have led to sending US$10 million in proceeds to Amazon Forest conservation projects. Additionally, the sale of carbon credits by MOSS pays for REDD + environmental projects that, through their sustainable activities, jointly protect and preserve an area of approximately 1 million hectares. It is the most considerable amount ever sent by a private player to Amazon forest conservation projects.

This is merely an example of what the project aims to achieve in the coming years and decades. More conservation projects will be supported over time, as there is a lot of work to undo damages caused to Mother Earth.

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