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KubitX ICO Review

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KubitX ICO Overview:

KubitX aims to spread awareness and thus promote acceptance of the cryptocurrency across the globe. it looks to achieve it by developing an exchange platform that will have varying characteristics compared to other existing crypto exchanges. Focussed to improve the economic stature of the nations as the nation still continues to be plagued by the traditional banking system and lack of knowledge about the cryptocurrency. Through facilitating an exchange platform with feature such as fiat exchanges it looks promote adoption among the masses. KubitX is an advanced and robust cryptocurrency trading platforms designed to embrace the idea of “Simplicity” and “Accessibility,” empowering and educating people from all walks of life to embrace the technological revolution of Blockchain and invest in cryptocurrencies

KubitX ICO Value Proposition:

KubitX aims for all groups to participate. The KuBitcoin (KBX) token will be used for fee payments within the exchange operation and will be also be integrated into the banking processes integrated with the exchange to enable users to get fiat services in a short span of time. By targeting the untapped, high potential demographics for their inclusion in the Cryptocurrency market, their goal is to become one of the most diverse cryptocurrency marketplaces for buyers and sellers.

KubitX ICO Team:

The founders are known and hold quality experience in the field of the blockchain. They have previously served in an important position and are blockchain experts in terms of marketing and investment. They own their previous enterprises based on the blockchain. They are multifaceted like Blockchain consultant, evangelist, and contributor.


They have reputable advisors with relevant experience too. KubitX has onboarded advisors to look forward to each aspect of ICO. Whether it be Ico investment, ICO legal aspect, Strategy, exchange, and security; they have it all covered. They also have a blockchain awareness and education advisor to serve their vision and finally turning it into reality.

KubitX ICO Technology


The concept is definitely implementable and will be appreciated by the masses. The crypto verse has many exchanges at the moment which charges high trade fees and very few have a proposition for fiat exchanges. Kubitx looks forward to introducing an exchange platform that will be different in terms of benefits that it provides to people associated with it. KuBitX will introduce a unique initiative called Global Channel Ambassadors to enter, understand and capture local emerging markets. They aim to tackle the socio-economic hindrances to adoption. The KubitX Global Ambassador Initiative will reach the grassroots to drive local adoption. It has designed an institutional investment plugin on the KuBitX engine to enable a higher volume of crypto trading and traditional capital trading functionalities. KuBitX will educate people on how to take advantage of Blockchain philosophy thus enhancing financial inclusion


There is a roadmap in place for KubitX to become fully decentralized.


The product is definitely innovative. It has added features such as Ambassador/Channel Program which is key to entering, understanding and capturing the local emerging markets. Their strategic partnerships with banks and payment providers will help them to create a full-service financial institution with cryptocurrency integration. The KuBitX digital currency trading platform will be directly integrated with its financial services providers, allowing users a seamless experience when managing their ac-counts and buying/selling digital currencies and tokens. Developers can design and build their applications knowing they will face no problem opening a financial services account for their business. Merchant processing will be available allowing them to convert digital and fiat currencies into any payment form they desire. The KuBitX Exchange is designed to operate at low latency, high throughput, and maxi-mum uptime. By incorporating geo-replication in its architecture, the exchange is built to be fault tolerant, ensuring that the platform delivers a seamless and uninterrupted trad-ing experience to its users.

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