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Membersheep ICO Review

Blockchain-based sourcing platform


Symbol – SHEEP

Purpose – Platform Coin

Incorporated – Membersheep Company Limited
Total Supply – 500,000,000 SHEEP
Coin Price – 1 SHEEP = 0.1 USD
Minimum investment – 1 ETH
Soft Cap – $5,000,000
Hard Cap – $25,000,00


It is easy to find customers who directly purchase items on overseas. websites and are more than ever willing to spend the time to look for items they want and are gradually getting used to directly purchasing products overseas. The cross-border e-commerce market was born out of these consumption market trends;which has exponentially grown thanks to competitive internet shopping malls, weighted efficiency of the international shipping system, and increased mobile and online purchases As the number of consumers searching for goods overseas increases, so does the number of local wholesalers and retailers who directly source overseas goods; accompanied by a continuous inflow of Sellers within the cross-border e-commerce market.

Sellers, by participating in the cross-border e-commerce market, are pioneering new overseas sales channels and ultimately increasing revenues and customer diversification consequently, the size of the B2B cross-border e-commerce market is continuously growing. The cross-border market is highly attractive for local Wholesalers, Retailers, and Sellers; who are faced with a chronic problem related to trust and efficiency, as transactions are risk-prone, authentication of transactions is difficult with the current distribution systems and documentation methodologies being archaic and rooted so deeply they are virtually unchangeable.

Starting with B2B fashion sales in California in 2014, the Membersheep Company Limited (“Membersheep􀀁 Company”) offers blockchain trading solutions to facilitate brands and retailers around the world to conduct business with each other. Membersheep Company provides brand companies with both sales channels and a business infrastructure enabling them to manage their overseas markets. For retailers, it is possible for them to identify and source products through the

Membersheep Company B2B platforms and to manage online deliveries without the necessity of having to go to Fashion Week every season. Membersheep Company’s customers are various types of distribution companies, including department stores, outlets, online malls, and WeChat stores, etc. In terms of size, there vary from individual-operated blog-based sites to large retailers listed on the U.S. stock market, such as Alibaba, Kaola, and Jumei. They source overseas branded products through Membersheep services order sizes varying in magnitude from 5,000 USD to 3 Million USD.

MEMBERSHEEP ICO Value Proposition:

Membersheep Company will showcase its vision while simultaneously being a leader of the new paradigm; having identified and diagnosed the core deficiencies currently prevailing aspires to set a new standard within the e-commerce industry by actively utilizing its accumulated experience, knowledge, and new technology to initiate positive change benefitting the cross-border e-commerce community.

Membersheep Company’s mission is ‘To be a marketplace where everything on the earth can be traded without barriers or limitations.’ We believe that some of the most important innovations in history have been accomplished by the implementation of tools which make it easier or faster for one company to share their value with another. Membersheep Company enables companies to transact value with􀀁 the assistance of its blockchain based

“In Blockchain We Trust” is the official motto of the Sheepcoin. The problem of mutual trust has existed for thousands of years because of the nature of trade transactions in which goods are exchanged and it takes both time and effort to build trust; with the inclusion of reliability one of the key features achieved using blockchain technology vast improvements will occur. Sheepcoin is the cryptocurrency used on the Membersheep B2B Platform, which offers numerous user benefits such as currency risk hedges, 0% commission, and significantly reduced waiting times. Ultimately, we will create an ecosystem where brands and retailers around the world can trust each other and trade more easily.

They intend to improvise and resolve existing issues through Authenticity Certification. Overseas Payment Trustability.Improved Order Efficiency Shipping & Logistics System Optimization and Linguistic & Cultural Barriers

The Membersheep Trust & Reputation Algorithm (“MTRA”) is a semi-automated qualitative measure of subjective and objective criteria used to assign ratings to Buyers, Sellers and Services Providers in the Membersheep Community.


Jeremy Kim/CEO→ Serial entrepreneur with 8 years of relevant experience in IT industry has the previous experience of working in ONline sales team for LVMH and Groupon

Jack Shi/ CTO→ He worked as Blockchain developer for 5 years and as a JAVA engineer for 9 years as a Project Manager, he built core architecture using blockchain in China Ping An insurance company. Also, worked in Sinosoft as a project team leader. Recently, he developed a bank-insurance integrated system and Cross-border e-commerce system using blockchain.


They have reputable advisors with relevant experience too Sheepcoin has onboarded advisors to look forward success of the ICO. People like Alok Somani has served at an important position such as Finance Director at British Petroleum and as a CFO for
James Elder is a founding member of Sierra Semiconductor, which went public on NASDAQ which is now called PMC-Sierra. Has a rich experience of 22 Years in Launching New Businesses, Establishing & Growing, Technology & Listing, Companies on the London
Stock Exchange.



These days, the number of consumers who directly purchase products overseas is increasing; making direct purchases overseas enables them to purchase an expanded range of products at affordable prices. This market which is called cross-border e-commerce has been rapidly growing in size. The cross-border e-commerce market has grown in size from 300 billion USD in 2015, which is expected to grow to 900 billion USD market by 2023.

SSL with additional, secondary security technologies such as HTTPS over DNS is utilized to prevent DNS Spoofing. The Sheepcoin Blockchain and the Membersheep Platform form a strong relationship and engage in continuous communication, where the most important factor is the security of the Membersheep Platform itself.


There is a definite roadmap in place which is being followed and shall enable it to successfully revolutionize the banking sector services. It will do so with the elimination of mediators and enable true cross-border, real-time transactions of cryptocurrencies without any restrictions.


4 different kinds of B2B sale are involved in the project
Bonded Imports B2B. Connects products transactions between businesses. Currently, Membersheep connects American and European brand companies with Chinese retailers. Usually, transactions are undertaken at wholesale prices and a minimum order quantity is set. When the retailer enters an order, the brand companies prepare the products and ship them. In this case, lead time is 7 to 180 days depending on the product’s ready availability (e.g. Brand in Italy →Membersheep → Retailers in Hong Kong).

Direct Purchase Imports B2B2C. Supplying products to Buyers who purchase products in smaller quantities. Currently, Membersheep connects American and European retail businesses with smaller Chinese wholesalers and retailers. Products are sold less expensively than the wholesale price and in pieces. Wholesalers and retailers, after being informed of the availability of the product by the retailer, purchase the items in smaller quantities and resell them. Lead-time usually takes3~14 days (e.g. Macy’s online → Membersheep → WeChat drop shipping → Customers)

Service B2B. Provide services needed for localization. Currently, Membersheep connects American and European brand companies to Chinese service companies, by assisting them to incorporate establishment, trademark registration, and outsourced development that the American and European businesses need when entering the Chinese market. It takes between 3~90 days depending on the type of service required (e.g. Chinese IP register agency → Membersheep →Brand in France)

License B2B. License B2B model refers to a business model that connects license rights. Business clients of Membersheep can consider making and selling licensed products for better revenue and profit, and Membersheep is testing a business that connects licensors and licensees via the Sheep blockchain (e.g. Animation production in Japan → Membersheep → Manufacturer in China)

Sheepcoin’s Smart Wallet can be categorized into three distinctive types:
ㆍ A PC wallet which has total transaction data
ㆍ A light iOS/Android/Web/PC wallet that has partial transaction data and uses light nodes
ㆍ A hardware wallet with possible input of token data (to be supported later)

The Membersheep Platform minimizes the number of human resources involved by automating and digitizing the B2B order process, utilizing the blockchain. As a Buyer places orders based on the product information provided by the Seller (price, deadline, minimum order quantity), there is no need for separate communication to take place or selective brand offers.
When the Buyer wishes to pay for the product, a Sellers invoice is automatically issued, and the Buyer is notified when the payment is completed. When the product is ready, Forwarders participate in the auction process and the selected Forwarder automatically receives the order information, which creates shipment documentation accordingly. During the shipment process, a tracking code is generated, and the Buyer can track the location and status of the shipment simply by guessing the tracking code. When the product arrives and is cleared by customs, the transaction is completed.

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