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MetalBX ICO Review

  • Token – CMX
  • Token Value – 1CMX= X USD (Price depends on LME copper price at the time of bulk purchase)
  • Platform – Ethereum
  • Accepted Currency – BTC, ETH, LTC, SWIFT (USD, Euro, TL)
  • Fundraising Goal– USD 75,000,000
  • Country – Germany/Turkey

Cu Coin MBX is an ERC-20 token designed as a negotiable warehouse receipt for 1kg of Grade A copper cathodes. Suited to physical traders, financial instrument traders, long term investors and those involved with cryptocurrency investment and speculation. The Ethereum Blockchain is simple to use and highly accessible, opening the metals trade to a whole new group of actors and funds. Exchange your Cu Coin MBX for physical copper at any time from Blockchain Metal company storage facilities. Alternatively, you can trade it online on BMCs own or third-party exchanges, and in over the counter off-market deals. Utilizing the Ethereum blockchain ensures unprecedented security and transparency for your peace of mind. Regarding physical security, BMC goes beyond industry standards to ensure the high quality of the underlying metals you purchase.

By tokenizing ownership of copper, BMC creates the most superior instrument used for trading industrial and precious metals to date. Blockchain technology helps create the most secure, flexible, and accessible platform with many cost saving factors. Perhaps the most exciting feature is its underlying smart contract which can replace costly banking tools such as Letters of Credit when settling complex international trades.

The chosen legal framework offers holders of Cu Coin MBX one of the most secure legal frameworks on the crypto market. Cu Coin MBX is legally designed as a negotiable warehouse receipt for 1Kg of Grade A Copper Cathodes and in accordance with §475 HGB (German Commercial Code).

Furthermore, with Cu Coin MBX holders do not face the typical counterparty and settlement risks associated with traditional financial instruments such as Options or CFDs. Even in case of a bankruptcy of the BMC, the holders of Cu Coin MBX will remain the owners of their underlying copper.

BMC is able to offer its customers the most competitive price amongst all financial instruments online as well as compared to bulk prices on the physical market. Shipment to the storage facility, storage, and customs are included in the price. Holders of Cu Coin MBX will not pay any ongoing storage fees.

Key Features

Financial Instrument Traders

  • No counterparty risks and a direct link to physical copper.
  • Transferable between online exchanges and markets across the globe.
  • Lowest transaction and trading costs thanks to the blockchain.
  • Run on decentralized platform considered impossible to hack.
  • Copper sold significantly below market price to ITO purchasers.

Physical Traders

  • No unnecessary storage or logistics until the end consumer.
  • Blockchain authenticated certificates and BMC ensured quality eliminates the risk of fraud for buyers.
  • Smart contracts replace costly merchant banking as complex trades can be executed by programming simple applications on the blockchain that fulfill contractual obligations automatically and turn by turn.

Long-Term Investors

  • Copper is a limited precious metal used in almost every industry.
  • Demand largely linked to the use of electricity and electrical devices.
  • The surge in renewable energies and electric cars is likely to drive prices up.
  • Rewarding and relatively investment opportunity.

Crypto Traders and Enthusiasts

  • We accept common cryptocurrencies and turn them into copper that you store in your ERC-20 wallet.
  • Enjoy all the benefits of a less volatile token with fluctuations that depend on global economic factors.


Sven Köksal(CEO)

This project is a combination of Sven’s entrepreneurial spirit, high interest in the use-cases of blockchain technology, his experience in industrial metal trading as both a broker and consultant and his knowledge and interest in law as a higher semester law student in Germany.

Alex Gazar(COO)

Alex has been studying and working as a UNIX system specialist at Raiffeisen Group and IBM for 6 years, administering critical projects such as the UBS Global Account. He will be overseeing our technical infrastructure and manage all start-up operations.

Mikail Agasiyev(CPO)

In his last semester of his industrial mechanics bachelor. Mikayil will be communicating with our suppliers and overseeing the procurement process. Gained experience at Baku Steel Company and has been working together with Toghrul and Sven as a broker for industrial metals.


After completing his degree in Finance, Toghrul worked at EY in the advisory department working on corporate valuations. During this time he gained experience in metals and agricultural commodities as a physical broker. Currently, he is doing his masters in Supply Chain and Trade.


Professional Scrum Master Certified and ISTQB Advanced Test Manager. 17+ years exposure across a variety of development methodologies. Specializing in UAT, Agile and Digital. Proven track record of delivering successful change initiatives and system migration projects across multiple platforms and industries to the highest standard.

Green Flags

1 A well thought out and innovative ethereum blockchain use-case
2 Uniting all market actors under one platform and instrument
3 Transparent team, structure, and marketing material
4 Secure legal framework and jurisdictions
5 The simple and logical business model for token price appreciation
6 Great ITO incentives, unbeatable prices for copper


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