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ORET ICO Review: Gold Mining And Blockchain Crypto Project

ORET tokens are generated by Paraguay Mineral Mining SA (PMMSA). The main purpose of the company is to raise funds that are necessary for acquiring land, machines, and concessions to be used to extract and recover gold. The tokens are considered as the first cryptocurrency option to be used in the investment and profit sharing of a gold mining company. The use of blockchain technology ensures that the ORET token holders are given their profits weekly and in Ether cryptocurrency.

Background On ORET

Locals in Paso Yobai, which is a Gold rich area, were faced problems when it came to the mining of Gold such as the lack of experienced personnel during the recovery and mining of gold. Lack of forward planning when it comes to the roads inside the pit was also a big problem, which motivated the formation of the Paraguay Mineral Mining SA (PMMSA), which contains a great team of experienced personnel in the extraction and recovery of gold.

The company also contains all the necessary core drilling and geological surveys analysis as well as the sampling and pilot plant of the land it aims to acquire, which clearly shows that the area to be exploited is rich in gold.

ORET is a coin based on ERC-20 protocol in the Ethereum blockchain. Interested individuals can acquire the tokens during the company’s ICO, which starts in November 1, 2018. The funds acquired through the sale of the tokens will help the company acquire the gold-rich land and other necessary equipment for gold extraction. Token holders will get 45% of the Net profits acquired by the company on a weekly basis.Benefits of ORET tokens.

Secure Gold Mining Investment

The investment in the Paraguay Mineral Mining S.A has a backing of gold, investment making it highly secure. The company is fully licensed and registered for the development of ORET tokens.

Price Stability

Unlike other cryptocurrencies, the ORET tokens have price stability and continuous growth since each holder keeps their tokens in their specific wallets in order to receive their profits weekly.

Dashboard 100% Transparent

The token holders are given access to an exclusive dashboard so they can view their token balance. The dashboard allows them to edit their ETH address for receiving profits and their email addresses for receiving notifications of payments of profits. Token holders will also be accessible to transactions and thus trace the weekly payments of ETH as well as the total ETH received.

Access To PMMSA Accounting Documents

The token holders have access to the account statements as well as general balance sheets of the company through the company’s exclusive Dashboard. This ensures transparency and accountability within the company.

Scalability Of The Blockchain Crypto Project

ORET contains three different strategies to address the building of the plant for gold mining, which specifically depends on the amounts of funds that will be raised. The return on investment for the holders grows considerably when the company attains the hard cap.

ORET Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token symbol: ORET
  • Token sale date: Nov 1, 2018 — Dec 1, 2018
  • Accepted payment methods: ETH
  • Total token supply: 12,500,000 ORET
  • Hard cap: 6,000,000 USD
  • ICO: 12,000,000 ORET

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