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[promoted] WatermelonBlock Harnesses AI Brainpower to Fuel Crypto Market Analysis

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The world of cryptocurrency is in a constant
state of flux. As a result, the process of sorting through untold amounts of
background information and data can be a laborious, time-consuming endeavor.
Continually subjected to emotions and opinions, investors are often unable to
reliably assess the informational signals needed to make informed market

That’s where WatermelonBlock, a data analytics company featuring a suite of products that
deliver cryptocurrency insights directly to the consumer, comes in. Through a
mix of data points gathered from social media as well as traditional technical
analysis, this emerging startup assists investors in staying abreast of
critical data and information sets in real time.

WatermelonBlock seeks to deliver these insights to
all levels of investors, from experienced traders seeking to stay ahead of the
curve relative to their personalized portfolio to newcomers attempting to
mitigate the information overload often tied to their first major investments. 

It’s here that the company recognizes a gap in
the ability of ordinary algorithms to analyze the size of critical data sets.
By deploying the computing power of IBM Watson, arguably the most advanced AI
platform in the world, WatermelonBlock is able to scan, categorize, weigh and
analyze big data sets within seconds, providing users with current market
information and real-time actionable insights right at their fingertips. 

More Accurate and Better-Informed Trading

WatermelonBlock is not just a proof of concept —
it’s an actual working protocol that puts user experience first, all with the
goal of integrating cryptocurrency investments into any lifestyle through a
24/7 stream of market analytics.

A free insights smartphone app powered by
WatermelonBlock is replete with a sleek, simple user interface and is scheduled
for release in Q4 of this year. It will feature neatly packaged, real-time
cryptocurrency, market and initial coin offering (ICO) analysis; personalized
portfolio notifications and a digital wallet.

In phase two for the app, which will be released
in Q3 of 2019, the WatermelonBot will be launched — an automated artificial
intelligence (AI) bot that can execute trades according to user-set
preferences. This second phase will also include a more advanced digital wallet
and payments platform, allowing for more rapid trading and fulfillment. 

Driving this initiative is the WatermelonBlock token
(WMB), which serves as the on-ramp for decision makers seeking to access the
suite of sentiment analysis and AI trading tools, all without
difficult-to-navigate fee structures. All prices are simple and transparent,
allowing users to focus on markets and their investments versus costs. 

The WatermelonBlock pre-token sale will commence
on July 27, with the full public sale beginning on August 27. Investors can
gain exclusive access to the WatermelonBlock presale by registering on the
WatermelonBlock website.

Seeding the Road Ahead

WatermelonBlock’s director and UX developer,
Elliot Rothfield, has a passion for creating communities, particularly for
the millennial set. With several successful startup businesses under his belt
in addition to serving as the co-founder of a ten-year-old international community
and arts festival, he is now putting the full force of his energy behind
WatermelonBlock’s app suite.

“Through my involvement in one of Australia’s
largest community and arts festivals, I began to notice that there were a lot
of struggling artists that I was working with,” Rothfield said. “Many were able
to support their craft and their lifestyle through cryptocurrency, as opposed
to work through menial jobs. This is where my entrance into the cryptocurrency
market began. Being an avid follower of the market, I noticed the volatility of
the market straight away.”

Rothfield added that the name WatermelonBlock
comes from the Japanese Watermelon — “It’s fun, it’s quirky and it’s memorable.
We really wanted to go against a conventional blockchain name. We figured that
there were enough names like Tron, Dash and Laser Gun 5000.” 

With respect to the value proposition that
WatermelonBlock hopes to deliver, Rothfield has got a clear vision.

“People are sick of biased information and ‘fake
news,’” he said. “They are getting smarter and they are realizing that a lot of
what is being fed to them via the media is heavily biased, with publishers
often having a vested interest. As a result, these individuals are looking for
smarter ways to trade (and that goes for any market), as well as more efficient
ways to conduct market research.”

He added that WatermelonBlock’s ability to
combine sentiment analysis with geolocation and indexing provides a much better
system for consumers. 

“WatermelonBlock hopes to capture the pulse of
both cryptocurrency and traditional markets, delivering insights and
information accessible to all,” said Rothfield. “In 12 to 18 months, we see
ourselves running with a full suite of applications to provide market analysis across
all industries.”  

Note: Trading and investing in digital assets is speculative and
can be high risk. Based on the shifting business and regulatory environment of
such a new industry, this content should not be considered investment or legal

This promoted article originally appeared on Bitcoin Magazine.

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