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ShareMeAll ICO Review

A one-stop marketplace to share and exchange everything imaginable

TOKEN: ESwitch®
RESTRICTED AREA: US, Canada, and Singapore

ShareMeAll ICO Overview:
ShareMeAll is a project that strives to merge the traditional trading practices with the blockchain technology. On the platform, a new-age barter system will be created where exchange and sharing of objects, services, skills, and assets like a part or all of one’s home, can be facilitated.
For a smooth implementation of the project, ShareMeAll will establish a marketplace as on which the exchange will take place. The key feature of the project is their token, ESwitch®, the platform’s own cryptocurrency. The ICO aims to bridge the world with its project and reach out to masses, even those who do not have a bank account. The whitepaper emphasizes the benefits and features, which establishes proof of concept.

ShareMeAll ICO Value Proposition:
ESwitch® will be the cryptocurrency of a new system of exchange and sharing of goods and services in which humans and the universal values like compassion will be the center. The tokens are based on Ethereum blockchain technology and will be provided for free in the initial phase of the project. Anyone who creates a user account of platform will be credited with eSwitch®, depending upon the number of services and goods offered. ESwitch® tokens will be available for exchange with fiat or cryptocurrency on exchanges that have partnered with ShareMeAll. However, the eSwitch® can be converted and transferred in the crypto wallet only after a month of earning it so as to curb any fraudulent activities.
The creation of the internet and mobile platform will ease the process of using and obtaining eSwitch® tokens. The new ShareMeAll marketplace and mobile exchange platform will be accessible to everyone around the world and all one needs to do is register. kuşadası escort

ShareMeAll ICO Team:
Cyril Pierrefeu/Founder & CEO: He is a graduate of engineering and is passionate, methodical and visionary. He is also the founder and CEO of HelpMeDoc.
Christian Le Clech/Director & CTO: He is an ambitious entrepreneur with previous experience as a web consultant and lead developer and as a co-founder of Chaumeil Digital.
Deepanshu Bhatt/Chief Marketing Officer: An experienced professional in Blockchain technology and marketing with a vast experience of developing innovative blockchain projects and automating, scaling up digital marketing processes.
Jonathan Flores/Sales Manager: Jonathan is a sales manager experienced in new technologies, with experience as a key account manager.

ShareMeAll Advisors

Quentin Herbrecht: ICO-STO advisor, ICO bench expert, and manager at France Golden.
Vladimir Denis: Financial investment advisor in cryptocurrencies, general manager at ABC Corporation, ICO advisor, trader, and writer.
Guillaume Micouin: ICO bench expert, Black geeks ambassador, IDACB advisory board, IMMI High 1000, Bitcoin foundation member and CEO at ABC.
Bryan Blaevoet: Marketing director and ICO advisor.
Florian Rézeau: COO and ICO advisor.

ShareMeAll ICO Technology


The concept appears feasible and implementable. The platform has varying propositions such as the marketplace, the internet, and mobile platform and eSwitch® token. ESwitch® is a cryptocurrency which allows users to provide an exchange with serenity and trust on the platform of the website It will be possible to import a cryptocurrency wallet on, and export eSwitch® tokens to this wallet. Thus, all ICO investors will be able to use the platform. The white page does not contain what challenges the project may face, therefore, the viability of the project is not very predictable.


The token eSwitch® is based on the Ethereum blockchain technology which will eliminate mediators ensuring transparency of transactions. There is a definite roadmap in place which will enable the platform to bring in a revolution of trust.


The project is innovative with blockchain in its core. The idea of is to earn eSwitch® tokens to obtain a service, an object or nights from another user of the site. The tokens will be distributed to users for free initially, depending upon the number of services and goods offered. These tokens can be transferred to a cryptocurrency wallet or converted in fiat currency, after holding them for a month. With the platform, users can limit their risk of investment and the risk is associated only with the eSwitch® earned through exchanges and sharing with other members. The number of eSwitch® will remain fixed after the ICO, securing it from price inflation and the value of the token will depend on the trust from users and usage of it.

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