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Stratus: The Best Social Media Platform without Censorship

The use of social media brought diversity to communication. In just a few highlights, someone can understand what is happening at the other end of the world. Moreover, various companies use social networks to generate web traffic and convert to sales.

However, the existing social media platforms have continued to fail in almost all communication aspects. Apollo fintech’s new project, Stratus, is altogether redefining the game. 

Stratus is a social media ecosystem designed to solve all problems associated with the internet. Apollo fintech CEO Stephen McCullah aims to make Stratus an all in one system to bring diversity in the social media world. The platform will merge all services from the existing social networks and communication systems. Moreover, Stratus will solve the setbacks of the current communication systems.

Setbacks of the Present Communication Systems


Some current communication platforms are not cloud-based, which means they use cellular communication technologies for communications. Installing equipment and running services through cellular communications is very expensive. To cater for the expenses, the companies price their services at high costs per minute. 


System insecurity is a significant challenge in all communication and social networking platforms. Most of the existing social networking and communications systems engage in data selling malpractices, thus posing security threats to users. Moreover, the media are susceptible to hacking, and that raises the risk even further.

Growth and Scale

Global call volume is on a surge. For instance, in 2009, the number of call volumes in the UK was 120.57 billion minutes worth of calls. In 2017, the volume had surged and hit 148.64 billion minutes. A sound communication system should scale even when the numbers swell beyond the due growth. 

Poor Network Performance

Due to the rising traffic brought about by the growth, network problems will arise. That will mostly happen if the system lacks scale upgrades.

Censorship Programs

Social media censorship is also a menace in the communications industry. Most platforms censor even the appropriate content, thus hindering freedom of speech.

Stratus Solves the Problems in Communication Industry

The Stratus network will eradicate issues surrounding current communication networks. That is possible because of the Apollo blockchain, the center of the Stratus’ platform.

Zero Scalability Issues

Unlike current communication systems that have scalability issues, Stratus will accommodate growth. That’s owing to the Apollo blockchain’s ultramodern technology features like adaptive forging and database level sharding. 

Adaptive forging is a technology that ensures that block creation happens on a need basis, therefore, resources go to the right place. Database level sharding allows the blockchains resources to expand by breaking all data into small shards. 

The two, when combined, bring vast resources to the processing of data. In turn, there’s a fast relay of information to the recipient.

Safety and Privacy

Stratus will add new security and privacy features in the communications world. Foremost, the platform completely shields communications with an edge to edge encryption. 

Moreover, Apollo blockchain’s updater will deliver security updates periodically, thus making the platform highly secure.

Freedom of Speech

Stratus, unlike other platforms, fights for freedom of speech. Although the platform will censor illegal content, it won’t go overboard to editing appropriate content. Social media content creators should watch out for the soon unveiling of this new ecosystem.


As compared to traditional communications, blockchain cloud-based communications are relatively inexpensive. Audio and video calls only require an affordable amount of data to complete. Stratus will give the option of cheap and secure communications.

Stratus’ Distinguishing Features

User Friendly

User acceptability is essential to any communication network. Most social media platforms are not user friendly, from the dashboard to the functionalities.

Stratus, however, is the upcoming most convenient social media ecosystem. Among its features is the all-in-one dashboard. Using just one set of login details, one accesses a vast range of social media services.

Moreover, the platform’s interphase includes both day and night mode capabilities. At any time, anyone uses the network without strain. 


Merging all social media services is another class of invention. Currently, there is no single platform that integrates all social media services. The design of Stratus, therefore, makes it tower above all the social ecosystems. 

The services set for replacement by the stratus ecosystem are Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok, WhatsApp, Medium, Youtube, Telegram, and many more. Steve Mccullah plans a phased introduction of the ecosystem to maximize on the weaknesses of the existing platforms.

Economic Advantage

Stratus’ economic value is unparalleled. The platform has several inventions, both for the crypto and fiat worlds.

  • Universal wallet- Stratus plans to launch a universal wallet that will help users exchange all the cryptocurrencies. 
  • Knox World Pay- This is a payment platform that allows users to send BTC via SMS. The completion of transactions takes less than 2 seconds.
  • Peer to peer transactions- These are transactions between individuals without a regulating authority.
  • Investment App- The app allows users to invest in stocks, gold, and other assets
  • Apollo currency- Since the platform’s hub is Apollo blockchain, users can benefit from using the currency.

Stratus payment platforms will smoothen business deals in the ecosystem. Moreover, it will foster faster global crypto adoption because of its attachment to the crypto space.

Final Word

The unveiling of Stratus will bring diversity in communication technology. The platform aims to solve all problems associated with the communications world today. The blockchain social media ecosystem brings diverse security protocols for all users. That involves end to end encryptions of all calls and texts. Moreover, its privacy policy disallows it from engaging in data selling malpractices.

There are advantages of scale since the platform has adaptive forging and database sharding techniques included in its foundation. 

The communication platform also brings a new touch to communications; the economic value. It gives buying and selling venues for its users and provides exchange and trade platforms. Stratus is the answer to all questions about a reliable, most influential business or personal communications tool. 


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