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TerraGreen ICO Review

Renewable Energy Trading Platform

COUNTRY: Malaysia

TerraGreen ICO Overview:
With the rising demand for renewable energy resources and challenges faced by the industry in terms of growth, TerraGreen attempts to micro-manage waste to convert it into renewable energy products. The biomass wastes from agricultural and forestry sectors will be converted into renewable energy products with the direct participation of consumers. Through a blockchain based platform, we intend to model an ideal system to manage waste resources to develop a sustainable and clean community. The waste management will mitigate critical issues of rotting biomass waste emitting hazardous gases.

TerraGreen ICO Value Proposition:
TerraGreen is a step towards resolving global concerns of climate change, water, soil, and air pollution. The value proposition is clear and crucial, providing a platform for TGN coin consumers to directly participate in waste management and the production of renewable energy resources. Through TerraGreen Coin, consumers can invest in the energy sector, thereby, availing discounts on green products and services in the long run.

TerraGreen ICO Team:
Brad Lee, Founder, and CEO has a background in research and development in the power industry with specialized knowledge of all aspects of renewable energy.
The team consists of experienced and knowledgeable founders and members who have specialized knowledge of the renewable energy industry and BlockChain Technology. mersin escort

The advisory team has experience in technology and finance. With dedicated renewable energy advisory services to assess technical and strategic options, the core team covers all aspects of ICO. The team is well equipped with professionals that have a deep understanding of investment, financial and renewable-related industrial challenges.

TerraGreen ICO Technology

The vision of the ICO to develop a unique blockchain technology in the renewable energy sector is commendable. The concept is implementable due to the high dependence on the use of renewable energy as an alternative to fossil fuel-based energy. The mission is to change the industrial perception of waste proving it to be the largest untapped resource. Investment in TerraGreen coins will be profitable for both Biomass plant as well as the general public, with the increase in TGN value from increased renewable products. Although the product is in the design phase, however, the future seems bright.

A well defined and extensive roadmap is in place that would bring a revolution in the renewable energy sector. Direct participation and involvement of consumers will enable decentralization in TerraGreen. TGN coin is a decentralized peer-to-peer payment network that is enabled by its users with no central authority or mediators.

The idea is innovative and deserves widespread attention towards the necessity of the renewable energy industry. With Blockchain Technology, Smart Contracts, IOT, Big Data, and Adaptive Intelligence embedded in its core, the project aims to revolutionize Biomass waste management. Blockchain Technology being the backbone of TerraGreen, the platform will be an incorruptible digital ledger managed by its network. The project would produce its own coins which will be distributed to the public. The investment in the coins would generate profits for the plant to produce more renewable products, thereby, benefitting not only the investors but also the plant. The economic value of coins and products would increase with higher investments. The coins will represent the amount of green energy the producer committed to produce and deliver to end-users. Renewable energy producers will be enabled to trade globally with everyone, both users and investors, by selling the energy in advance, and this, in turn, would ensure liquidity and access to capital for setting up renewable energy plants.

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