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The New Smart Contract Generation Innovates The Great Feature of Holding an Utility NFT POKE Token to Earn BNB Freely

By spearheading the pilot in the new “moon” routine, we will see a large chunk of POKE tokens released in the upcoming weeks. POKECHAIN is the latest and expected project of 2021. POKE token offers strong profitable factors that highlight the opportunity to get your original investment and profit along the way of ratio holding POKE token and attract the attention of eager people who are looking for a safe haven during choppy markets.

By using a cutting-edge, clean mechanism and crypto-friendly regulations, POKECHAIN takes advantage of the latest smart contract generation that tokens holders not only earn dividends but also anti-Whales negative impacts. POKE holders easily earn passive incomes BNB from each transaction on the Pancakeswap platform. POKECHAIN enables crypto enthusiasts to generate liquidity from their digital assets without having to spend them. Only hold POKE and earn BNB by the POKE token transactions from the community. 

The security element is paramount importance and the POKECHAIN team is seeking to balance that with speed and ease. The transactions are going to be implemented under transparent technology. Smart Chain open-source smart contract (which is developed by Binance blockchain developer team) helps anyone to easily check their Smart Contract. The Smart Contract is invariant. It means no one can decide to hold BNB for themselves. When anyone uses BNB to purchase POKE, their BNB would not be held by anyone, it is being put into the BNB in the Rewards Pool that almost all risks possibilities are covered.

POKE tokens, which have been characterized as lucrative tokens. It will generate BNB for POKE holders by the smart contract mechanism. Describing the POKE tokens in detail supports earning passive income from the transactions (buy and sell) in between BNB and POKE on PancakeSwap platform. Each transaction charges a 10% as so-called collectible tax, which divides to eight percent (8%) is taken and re-distributed to all POKECHAIN holders in BNB Reward Pool and another two percent (2%) is taken and re-distributed to all POKECHAIN holders in POKE token. 

POKE is undertaking a design that absolutely avoids Whales manipulation in the Pre-Sale phase and afterward. POKECHAIN team chooses the DXSALE platform to distribute a fair structure and toward the community’s benefits. This is a community-driven token. Therefore, the majority of POKE tokens being sold would be locked on PancakeSwap – an automated market maker platform on Binance Smart Chain that makes sure every upgrade is compatible and maintains its strict policy.

That is the main reason why POKECHAIN will outperform other projects in the upcoming time. In particular, POKECHAIN is in a bid to bolster POKE transparency with  60% of the total supply being sold at the Pre-Sales Fair Launch on DXSALE. The fundraised amount POKE would be listed and added to the liquidity pool on Pancake Swap. The liquidity will be locked in six (06) months on DXSALE. POKECHAIN smart contract also grasps new advancements like the project will be audited by the most creditable audit smart contract firm in the world.  

The move has been long-awaited in crypto circles, with some speculating that it has come to be widely accepted by the community who want to make the safe earning with their cryptocurrency desires. 

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