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The Smart Certificate System Combines With Blockchain Technology: UCerti

Ubique Chain of things is the advocacy and governing body of the UCOT ecosystem. The Foundation’s mission is to assist its members in being prepared to meet the challenge of a whole new era of “Ultimate Supply of Every Chain, Smart Internet of Everything. An industry-wide supply chain system based on IoT, blockchain, 5G, AI, and big data. UCT is continuously working on these demanding products. UTMS, UTracer, UCerti, UTracker, UPhoto. Apps can easily be downloaded on IOS, Android through the website.

konyaaltı escortThe UCOT Certificate Traceability System matches with the institution’s student database to obtain basic information of graduates, unique code of certificates, transcripts, etc. and uses UCOT blockchain and IoT technology to generate intelligent anti-counterfeiting diplomas and transcripts. By using UCOT’s security certificate printers, each official certificate and academic transcript contains the UCOT smart chain chip. The data from each document will be collected and uploaded into the UCOT Certificate Traceability System, adding convenience for institutions to obtain big data reports.

UCerti Creates New Standards For Certificate Notarization And Anti-counterfeiting.
Each certificate under the UCerti program contains an NFC chip with a globally unique fingerprint. All electronic data is recorded on the blockchain for encrypted permanent storage and cannot be tampered with. In addition to the electronic data security, the chip is embedded in custom multi-layer security paper. The NFC tag differs from ordinary NFC tags in that it cannot be copied and upon physical tampering, it is destroyed. Users can verify the certificate anytime and anywhere along with other functions such as a quick and easy application for reissuing as well as support for multiple languages.

UCOT Is Actively Exploring New Applications Of Digital Certificates In The Education Industry And Expanding Cooperation.
UCOT is actively researching and exploring the application of digital certificates in the education industry. Chairman Victor Huang, co-founder and executive director Hubert Chu discussed UCerti (Blockchain Smart Certificate) under the umbrella of UCOT. The market prospects of the company were discussed with investors in the industry, and preliminary cooperation intentions were established. Like a digital certificate system based on blockchain technology, compared to competitors that provide ordinary paper certificates or electronic certificates in the industry, UCerti is more market-looking and forward-looking by virtue of authoritatively certified and immutable blockchain certificates. Pilot. At the same time, a series of data-related derivative functions under the UCerti system is also very eye-catching, so they are continuously getting the favor of investors from all walks of life. At present, UCOT is actively paying attention to the improvement and improvement of product practicability. In the future, the company will pay more attention to the development of business in the multi-dimensional field, continue to increase the exploration in product innovation and technological upgrading, and strive to provide users with the most suitable blockchain landing products and continue to expand the UCOT Commercial layout.

Solution with UCerti – Smart anti-counterfeiting diploma + IoT chip

1. Match with the school database to obtain basic information of graduates, unique coding of certificates, transcripts, etc.

2. Use UCOT blockchain IoT technology to generate intelligent anti-counterfeiting graduation certificates and transcripts, which can be uploaded immediately and have evidence to check

3. Batch print official school certificates and transcripts containing UCOT smart chain network chip through UCOT anti-counterfeit certificate printer

Advantages & Usage

1.Global Unique ID.
2.Multi-layer Customized security paper.
3.Multi-layer Customized security paper.
4.NFC tag with dynamic security technology.
5. Verify anytime, anywhere.

6.One-click reissue and multi-language support.

Usage Area-
Universities, Judicial Supervision, Recruitment, Talent Market.

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