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Victorieum ICO Overview:

With exponential growth in banking services and increased operational costs due to the involvement of mediators the ‘Off-shore Full service crypto banking system’, Victorieum will act as the ‘middle-ground’ between heavy regulations imposed by the governments and institutions, blooming cryptocurrency projects and crypto-investors. Through this platform investors will be able to make crypto investments, crypto-trading, and crypto-based transactions regardless of the legal status within the investor’s local region. The whitepaper clearly emphasises the benefits and features, which establishes proof of concept. kahta escort

Victorieum ICO Value Proposition:

Victorieum token is just the first step towards the grand roadmap of the crypto-economy. Determined to disrupt the industry with its unique ‘Off-shore Full-Service Crypto Banking System’, Victorieum will provide a platform through which transparent investors will be able to make crypto investments, crypto-trading, and crypto-based transactions regardless of the legal status within the investor’s local region. This platform will enable all groups to particpate equally in the crypto-verse. samsat escort

Victorieum ICO Team:

MESHAL ALENEZI/ CEO: Experienced in Fintech, ICO investment, digital marketing, cloud development, web services, software devlopment, blockchains function and implementation. sincik escort


The advisors have experience in industries associated with finance, ICO marketing and cloud computing. The team of advisors is very promising.In fact they have a specialized advisor for each aspect of the ICO’s.There are big names associated with them who have served at important positions for various others successful ICOs. The team looks well equipped with people from varying backgrounds leaving no stone unturned for the successful launch and implementation. They also have an experienced group of blockchain and full stack developers to ensure that Victorieum in all its aspect turns out as promised.

Victorieum ICO Technology


The concept appears to be implementable. Victorieum will be one of a kind in the sphere of cryptocurrency and blockchain. It has varying propositions such as an exchange platform, wallet, passive income plan, amongst others. Although the claims against the list of services to be provided by them is extensive. it appears to be achievable.


They have a strong team of developers and advisors for each sector of an ICO. Albeit, the MVP for Victorieum Exchange Platform is scheduled to be released in the first quarter of the year 2019. The whitepaper states that it will receive a license for offshore banking in the second quarter.


There is a definite roadmap in place which is being followed and shall enable it to successfully revolutionize the banking sector services. It will do so with the elimination of mediators and enable true cross-border, real time transactions of cryptocurrencies without any restrictions.


With the vision to revolutionize both the banking as well as cryptocurrency sector, it aims to do so with evolved blockchain at its core. tut escort
The Victorieum Offshore bank supports a variety of cryptocurrencies. hence enabling the user to seamlessly trade in different available currencies. The Victorieum user enjoys full bank account details where International Bank Account Number (IBAN) and Bank Identifier Code (BIC) are used as an account number and sort code written in a standard, internationally recognized form at.The Victorieum exchange will be connected to the Victorieum bank. As a result, the instate flat deposits and withdraws will be smooth and fast. The team is highly experienced in marketing and managing, which will guarantee a huge volume of trading. Victorieum has an experienced web development team that is ready to implement the best exchange software and develop app-related transaction services using the blockchain network. Platforms like TrezorTM and CivicTM are integrated into the exchange as well as other similar smart technologies which are utilized to provide clients with the highest guarantee of security. Fiat and Crypto Swaps: Instant swaps between crypto and fiat will be implemented. The exchange will start with USD and EUR, with more to follow as it moves along.

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