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Why CFX Wallet is a Gamechanger

There are tons of crypto wallets around the world. Some having a better reputation than others. While some suffer less than perfect reputation when it comes to security, some wallets have a dodgy user-interface. This is why the CFX Wallet App, has been described as a gamechanger, and here are some of the reasons why.


The primary purpose of any crypto wallet is to serve as your personal bank account. While most crypto wallets you see around serve as a storge only a few like the CFX Wallet can truly be described as your bank as it pays CFXQ tokens holders revenue for using it. The CFX platform guarantees token holders a 1% profit on their token holdings every single month. This is to say that should you just keep your tokens and working on nothing else, you are guaranteed a stable passive income of 1% without raising a finger. How sweet is that!


Being built on the Ethereum blockchain, the CFX Wallet is ERC-20 compatible. This not only makes the CFXQ token veery easy to list on the majority of exchanges around the world, but it also guarantees that your app works seamlessly with all ERC-20 tokens, making it an all-convenience portfolio holder for every investor.


The CFX Wallet not only allows you to securely hold your tokens without fear, but it also has a unique feature that allows you to store and trade with other crypto assets such as BTC, ETH, DASH, and others. The CFX app is easily downloaded for free from both the iOS AppStore and the Android Playstore. As such, no matter where you are you can carry your crypto assets and act on trades with total convenience,

  1. REFER and EARN

Have very little money to invest? Why not start by referring your friends and family to the CFX family and build your way up. The CFX wallet app allows you to monitor and store your token earnings from its incredibly rewarding referral program. With some dedication, you will be on your way to making some cool token and becoming a fully-fledged investor too!

The CFX Wallet app is truly a gamechanger because it has the user at the core of its existence.  It is easy to use, secure, and versatile for the casual or pro-investor. You can snap up your CFXQ tokens today to store in your wallet at base IEO price today with the help of LA Token Exchange.

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